Tennis FLEX-agility

Wednesdays at 11- 12 am

Flexibility Training, Joint-Mobilization and Agility – with Tessa Harrington Smith

Moves to keep you mobile!
Your journey to a more supple and flexible body starts here. Tessa will teach you essential hip and shoulder mobility exercises to improve tennis movement, speed and strength. In this 1-hr class, you will be taught simple techniques to significantly decrease pain, increase mobility, enhance functional movement and ease aching joints. Techniques, such as: Myofascial Release; Trigger-point therapy; Static Mobilization and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) will ‘up your game’ as well as help you feel lighter, lengthened and able to move with more freedom.

7 euros


Tessa Smith is a Multi-style Yoga Instructor, Yoga Alliance 2017, Thai Massage Therapy, Bangkok, 2017, Holistic Events Organiser: Diploma Events Management 2015

Fitness Instructor: CircusFit Instructor (Aerial Pilates 2015, Aerial Yoga 2014). Anti-gravity & Inversion Therapy Fitness Instructor 2013. Sport Genetics, DNA Fit, Russian Kettlebells Instructor & Spin Instructor 2010. Level 3 Personal Trainer – European Institute of Fitness 2009. Level 2 Exercise to Music – YMCA London 2009, Higher National Diploma Graphic Design, 2000.

Having many fun highlights in her career, Tessa most celebrates: blasting fat from celebs (No 1 Bootcamp), training a Saudi Princess (Personal Trainer), working on Celebrity Cruise ships (Fitness Director), and ‘hanging’ up-side-down for a living in the TOP 5 prestigious gyms/studios in London (Thirdspace, Gymbox, Virgin Active, Heartcore, London Dance Academy). She has many years personal and professional experience in body sculpting and running, but now enjoys a more ‘holistic’ approach to movement, with aerial sports, yoga, fascia release, MFR and pain management.