Fusion Pilates and Spiraldynamik

Wednesdays 12.30 – 1.30 pm

The basic principles of Pilates are applicated nowadays in all different sports disciplines. The science now focuses on the myofascial connections, the power of the consciousness and the magic of the learning process.

It is an invitation to discover and practice healthy movements during everyday life. No matter you are at work while doing leisure activities or being at home.

Your benefits:

  • Balanced posture
  • Fluid Movements
  • Power, endurance, flexibility
  • Even-tempered Body and Mind
  • Awareness and fast response
  • Concentration and precision
  • Focused Mind

The classes are limited to 7 participants.
Privat classes or Duo classes (2 students) available

Please search personal contact before coming the first time!
Evelin Wegmann  / 60 66636 88 / info@fitnessprojects.com