Pro Tennis Training: The 10,000 Hour Journey

Many sociologists and sports scientists have observed the 10,000 hour journey.

In the last 20 or 30 years, studying elite performers in specialist skills such as: Tennis, soccer, skiing, piano, violin etc., etc.

Every top, world class performer has completed at least 10,000 hours of specialised, motivated and professional training before he or she has a chance to perform at what seems an unbelievable level.

If the goal is to achieve the highest level then the training needs a professional plan.

Depending on the age of the child their 10,000 hour journey is scheduled over a period of five to ten years.

During the training goals and objectives are set along the way.

Existing knowledge is combined with our own innovative ideas. We understand the responsibility of helping a young person and their parents undertake such a challenging and expensive journey.

The Innate Active approach is to work with the players and their parents as a team.


Most tennis schools and academies emphasize group lessons.

At Innate Active we believe that every individual needs unique personalised attention and training.

What is easy for you, maybe challenging for me resulting in stress, or boredom by continually trying to learn at someone else’s speed. This is counter productive to players reaching their maximum potential in the shortest possible time.
We emphasize individual, Personalized training wherever possible.

Players of different ages and experience have different requirements.
By individual diagnosis and personalised training programmes we work on your strengths and weaknesses.

In traditional tennis lessons coaches give the same instruction every time. Why? We are all different!

Its our attention to detail whilst working one to one with our unique training system which achieves almost unbelievable results.

We offer and practice a totally personalised teaching strategy which achieves faster, better results, and information that is easy to remember!

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